So, I was browsing the gossip sites today, and this picture caught my eye. Doesn’t it look like Diane Sawyer is eyeing young Shia here, well, um. . . like a side of La Beouf? Not that le petite Shia would mind since it seems he has a tiny crush on Di Di and wouldn’t mind going to a park somewhere to discuss the impeding implosion of the American economy while feeding the popular TV anchor who is old enough to be his grandmother grapes. Oh to be a fly on that wall! I mean, I can’t really blame him, because at 62, Miss Sawyer is still pretty foxy. She’s no Helen Mirren, but then again, who is. I don’t even want to be compared to this stone-cold fox at 27, let alone when I am actually in my 60s. Seriously, I will pray to the gods of small pores and perky boobs and do complex rain dances in front of Sephora for the rest of my life if only I could look like Helen Mirren when I am in my 60s. So, I guess what I am saying is young Shia, you shouldn’t haphazardly choose hot, grandmother-aged stars to have a crush on until you take a gander at all your choices. For you will find that the choice will always be Dame Mirren–Always!