Hey ya’ll–have you seen Britney’s new video for Womanizer (which I have to admit has slowly grown on me and now makes me want to get up and shake my groove thang)? Okay, to start, she looks great now that she’s sans crazy–the world has been reintroduced to the new/old Britney and the world has said “me likey.” But I don’t get this video at all. Well, I suppose I get what they are trying to do, but it makes for some gosh darn horrible video viewing! Why is she naked? I mean, once again, I know why she’s naked–to show off her new/old body in all its new/old tanned and oiled ways–but seriously, the nakedness totally compromises the creative integrity of the video (I can’t believe I just typed that). Its all modern and cold and edgy mixed with naked and wet and steamy–its pointless and distracting! And, did anyone really stop and consider the premise of this little video–Britney is all housewifey in the beginning cooking the alleged womanizer breakfast as he looks over his blackberry (did anyone else notice it was 4/20–again, pointless and distracting). Then, she persists to “temp” said womanizer throughout his work day by photocopying her nether-regions, dry-humping him in the back of a restaurant, and driving his limo in nothing but a tuxedo jacket and a smile. Of course he’s a womanizer!! You continue to throw your naked body at him and then start a freakin’ orgy at his place of work! Why do you torture the men Ms Spears? Why?

But the song rocks! Am I right?