The following is poetic (albeit cheesy) representation of my feelings regarding the fact that it is Friday:

On peanut butter mountain
topped with marshmallow goop,
stands a little chocolate kiss
dancing the loop-E-loop.

Along came a hazel nut
looking oh, so fine,
he gave a wink to the kiss
and asked, “will you be mine”?

The little kiss gave him a sigh
and said “I’m sorry, no can do,
for you see, a chocolate kiss
should never be seen with a nut like you.”

The dejected nut slid down the slope
and found himself left quite aloof;
like he had been one other time
when peanut butter stuck him up on a roof.

The kiss glanced down and said “I’m sorry,
but chocolate is best with peanut butter”.
“I have a friend who may like you;
her name is Carmel chewy chew
and I’ve heard she goes for nuts like you.”

-by Gloria Sarasin

Chocolate always equals happiness for me!