Before I start, you must understand that I don’t frequent Victoria’s Secret–the intricacies of all that satin and lace–while lovely on the skin–lost their charm on me years ago and I now subject my husband to faded fleece pants and my favorite holey sweat shirt from high school, which he calls a “putrid blue color.” Do I know how to turn my man on or what?

Regardless, I need bras and what not and bought one online at Vicki’s about 2 years ago (big mistake–do not buy underwear via the internet). Ever since then, my e-mail box has been bombarded with VS e-mails advertising the hundred thousand sales they apparently have weekly. Well this morning, I open my box and what should I find but an e-mail with the subject line that read verbatim: “New Trend of the Season: Pants! Try them!”pants

Now, I’m no fashion expert, but I don’t think pants can be considered a “trend,” much less in the dead of winter. I understand the ladies over at Victoria’s Secret walk around in nothing but lace and a smile, but for us mere mortals, pants are typically a daily necessity and therefore we do not need to be encouraged to “try them.” Am I wrong here? Maybe this is some new marketing strategy that is sweeping all the major corporations. Maybe tomorrow I’ll walk into a Starbucks and they’ll tell me to try their new “trendy” coffee flavored coffee. Or go to a drug store and be told that in 2009 the new trend is to bath and be encourage to try the magical little bar they call soap. Well, guess what Victoria–I’m not falling for your tricky marketing ways!