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Okay, have you guys seen the trailer for the new flick My Sister’s Keeper? Because this movie is going to be a tear-jerker.  We’re talkin’ buckets and buckets of liquid lacrimation here.  In fact, I’m getting a little choked up even thinking about it.  When the cancer-ridden daughter (in the awesome strawberry-blond wig!) asks her father “Do I look pretty, Daddy?” and he answers yes with misty eyes–tear–and then she runs whimscally through the curtain of hanging twinkle lights with the “Life is Beautiful” song playing in the background–I mean, come on!  This film is going to rival the cry fest that is Steel Magnolias!  I’ve seen Steel Magnolias at least 789 times (give or take 700) and I cry every time!  Every time Sally Field is in the cemetery and she starts to yell/sob that she was supposed to go first and then she bursts into laughter when dared to punch Weezer–classic cry moment of my teenage years!  I’m sure most of you have no idea what I’m talking about, but trust me, its worthy of a viewing when you need a good long cry (or make your boyfriend watch it with you to prove he’s whipped–its good for that too).

I went off track a little there–back to My Sister’s Keeper.  I have one main concern with what looks to be an otherwise kick-ass movie–what the heck is Cameron Diaz doing playing the mom?  And not the whoreish mom who got knocked up when she was 16 and now has a 20 year old with a drug problem (you know, the kind whose bra is always showing through their tank top and whose mascara is smeared for no apparent reason)–this is the only scenario in which I can image Ms Diaz playing a giver of life.  In this film, she is the mom of what looks to be about 4 children–one of which is the aforementioned cancer-stricken teenager.  I have my doubts about this performance.  Not that she is the worst actress out there–she’s okay when it comes to bubbly, tom-boyish characters–but the mother of a sick child, is. . . you know. . . a stretch for her.  Its good to see her challenging herself within her given “craft,” but she’s no Sally Field is all I’m saying. 

Maybe she was cast because she always looks like a mess lately.  If you have 4 children and one of them is terminally ill, there’s no doubt you will be stick thin, have a bad dye job and no time to comb your hair.  Have you noticed the mess that is Cameron lately, or is it just me?  I mean check out her past two Oscar looks:

Cameron Diaz Oscars 2Cameron Diaz Oscars 1A mess, right?  From far away, the looks are okay, but up-close they are all wrong (she’s a Monet!  Look at that–a Clueless reference!).  Check out the wrinkly dresses!  And the messy hair!  This is the Oscars Cameron!  Maybe the casting directors took one look at these photos and thought–yep, a stressed out mom of 4 would look exactly like this on Oscar night.  Sign her up!   

Depite this dubious casting choice, I’m all for My Sister’s Keeper!  Who wants to cry with me?