So today, as I’m doing my daily pursue of the news wires reading about the Iran elections, depressed stocks, and some metallic mini-dress that Jen Aniston wore to some awards thingy (my interests are very diverse), I come across this teeny little article out of Berlin about a fox who pulled a Sarah Jessica Parker on one of the local rural towns and pillaged them of all of their footwear!  This is a real fox folks – not Megan Fox (which would be a great story in and of itself), not Matthew Fox (sigh. . . I heart him), but an honest to goodness furry little friend of the forest who took it upon himself to transport all the shoes that were left outside overnight into his den.   I love this fox and his wee fashion sense!  He’s even practical as he stole everything from pumps to trainers.  What’s truly impressive is that he took all 100 shoes in one night!!!  That is one diligent fox!  I need him as my wing man at the next Barney’s sample sale!