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Project: I found an article today that said a random sampling of men were shown pictures of women either wearing red or framed in red and asked to comment on their attractiveness and how much dough they would lay down on a date with these women. Then, another random sampling of men were shown pictures of the exact same women, but this time wearing or framed in blues, greens, and greys.

Hypothesis: Red is always better!

Results: What did we discover? That all women everywhere should wear red on every date they go on because men apparently will opt for the more expensive bottle of champagne and the extra slice of pie (for we all know you can only judge a good date by the quality of champagne and pie served) because they will find you more attractive. What this little science project didn’t report on, is if red hair has the same effect. While we all know this to be a ubiquitous fact, I’d like science to prove it. For women everywhere can remove their red dresses and shirts and suddenly become less attractive (or possibly more depending on what is beneath those clothes) and less worthy of pie, but I cannot remove my red hair.

Conclusion: Redheads (me) should always be served the best booze and dessert where ever they (I) go.

Science if fun!

(Editor’s Note: I totally just read this and it makes no sense. The booze is affecting my writting skills)