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Picture this:  Its Sunday night.  Late Sunday night.  And its summer.  I sit in front of the TV, mindlessly scanning through the channels, completely aware that nothing is going to be on–because, once again, it’s a late Sunday night in the middle of summer–yet I continue to completely reject this desolate reality in the the hopes that something will catch my eye.   And suddenly – something does!  Its Dawson Leery (aka James Van Der Beek)!  Here to save me from my boredom!  I continue to watch with the hope that Pacey can’t be too far behind.  I can’t exactly tell what I am watching at this point or why it is even on television, when all of a sudden Luke Perry (aka Dylan McKay) walks on camera!  No freaking way!  Two former heart-throbs on the same show/mini-series/made for TV movie -whatever it is.  My heart is a flutter at the thought of these two stars from my childhood appearing in the same film. . .  and yet sadden by how far they have fallen on their road to stardom that they are appearing in a non-descript, middle of summer TV movie/snuff film/soft-core porno (seriously, I still have no idea what it was).  I continued to watch for about 10 minutes, until I decided sleep was a better option, and this is what I gathered from those 10, riveting minutes of television:

-This “film” (we’ll call it this until officially classified) is about weather.  I gathered this much from a few different clues:  first of all, it was raining. A lot.  And every character seemed to be very concerned about the allotment of rain that was pouring from the sky; second, there were two scientist-like people pacing back and forth in front of large monitors that displayed weather maps saying things like “It appears to be headed towards Florida” and “There’s no way we can stop a pressure build up like that.” ; and third, my TiVo told me the movie was called The Storm. Way to go for the super original title NBC!

-The characters were trying to control the weather.  I don’t know why they wanted this elusive power that is typically left in the hands of Mother Nature and Storm from X-Men, but the scientist-like people were working out of a room that looked like it belonged to NASA and you could just tell that they were once in control, but had lost it somewhere along the line.  Houston, we have a problem. 

-Dawson plays a scientist (because he was wearing glasses – natch) and Mr. Perry plays the bad guy because he was wearing a trench coat.  Normally, I would associate the trench coat with a private eye or detective-like character, but since he had poor Dawson Leery tied to a chair and was attempting to get some kind of info from him (weather related I presume), I deduced that trench coat = bad guy on the Storm set.

-James Van Der Beek has gotten hotter; this may have been because I was always partial to Pacey.  Everyone looks hotter when they’re not standing next to Pacey.   And poor Luke Perry has gotten old (I checked – he’s 44)!  Poor “I’m a rebel yet sensitive” Dylan looked very weathered to say the least (pun totally intended).  

-Treat Williams (of Everwood fame) looks way better with a beard.  He played the evil Billionaire who funded the little weather experiment that was out of control.  Good ole Treat (seriously, is that a name?) was sans beard for this little dog and pony show and it was almost horrifying.  Not as horrifying as all that unruly weather, but still. 

-And the most important thing that I learned from watching 10 minutes of The Storm on NBC:  Don’t F$%& with mother nature!!  She will always win.  (Which I basically learned from watching Jurassic Park, but its always nice to have a refresher).